Why Your Child Must Focus on Public Speaking Skills?

A headteacher of a US school, while speaking about the need for oration skills among children, stated that he was first appalled to find seventh-grade students having difficulty in their mathematics class in pronouncing the term “denominator”. The students were more comfortable with pointing at the board or indicating the number as the “figure at the bottom” but refused to use its appropriate term. He noted that the uneasiness increased when he asked his students to speak out in front of the class and the fumbling soon resulted in anxiety. Then onwards, he included oration as part of his school’s curriculum as he mentioned that students of the modern era cannot go out into the world with mediocre speaking skills.

As evident, this is not a problem limited to the US. Growing up, children all over the world suffer from public speaking related anxieties as the task of addressing an attentive audience is definitely daunting. And just like the US school, the best school in Gurgaon will also recognise the importance of oration skills among students as this is a form of communication that directly affects their education. Today, proficiency in public speaking is no longer an option for students. They need the skill to find success in their profession, grow as a person, and meaningfully live their lives.

Read More: https://www.alpineconventschool.com/why-your-child-must-focus-on-public-speaking-skills/

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